The Making

The most difficult part of making this soft jacket was finding the workshop. It was indeed necessary to join together several critical points:

  • a mutual understanding
  • a common taste
  • flexibility
  • the ability to make very small exclusive series
  • and a tight selling price

We had the pleasure of finding a small family workshop in the southwest near Montauban that was able to meet all our needs. A marvel.

From this meeting was born this Maubourg jacket, declined according to the seasons.


The fabric

The idea is to respond to each season, without making the jacket too exclusive to one or the other. For winter, of course, flannel and felted mixes with cashmere are interesting. And in summer, cotton and washed linen are wonderful for their lightness.

We work exclusively with fabrics made in Western Europe. Vitale Barberis in Italy or Gorina in Spain provide us with beautiful woollens. SubAlpino and Solbiati in Italy and Brisbane Moss in the UK handle the linen and cotton fabrics.

A trustworthy work with reputable drapers, for the greatest pleasure of our workshop, and ultimately, of you!


Sublime shades

The Maubourg’s goal: to be a versatile and practical jacket, at ease in all situations, in the city as in the country. We select convenient colors, navy, sometimes slate blue, often olive green or chestnut. To compose elegant outfits!


A fitted and comfortable cut

It was not easy to define this cut. We had to solve a perilous equation: modern and youthful lines while providing comfort and ease, especially with a sweater.

We wanted the look and gesture to be free. This could lead to making a very loose garment. At the same time, we wanted a bold, slim line to give the Maubourg jacket character.

The Maubourg has no interlining, no padding, no shoulder pads and very little lining. It is a scarf jacket.


Beautiful character details

The Maubourg jacket is recognizable by these particularities, which distinguish it from the classic English jacket

  • a buttoned funnel neck, like a biker jacket, to keep warm
  • delicate piped buttonholes, like on Austrian jackets
  • large patch pockets, comfortable and a bit of a tote
  • turnable cuffs, like lapels
  • two inside patch pockets


The Maubourg jacket in brief

  • a soft jacket, without padding
  • a free and relaxed look
  • an exceptional fabric
  • a very nice French manufacture
  • full of charming details


The Tybourg

Based on the same pattern as the beloved Maubourg, we decided to bring another model with a collar, this one drooping, like a jacket. With a simpler sleeve but still keeping the three patch pockets so elegant and characteristic by their softly warped shapes.

This Tybourg variant is close to a work jacket, so practical and appreciated today. Always straddling the fence, half long jacket, half short jacket, the Tybourg is an elegant response to the challenges of modern life. Versatile, durable and practical, our new model is still made in France, in the same workshop as the Maubourg.

All these characteristics allow the Maubourg jacket to be perfectly recognizable and identifiable. A sort of icon, on the edge of workwear. Flamboyance and discretion at the same time. A sort of Austrian jacket but without the Germanic folklore.


How to wear this jacket?

  • With a chambray shirt and a chino, for a young Italian look.
  • With linen in natural tones for a baroudeur chic style.
  • With a cold wool shirt and pants for a dressy look.

Towards new models

Given the success of La Maubourg and the growing appetite for a casual yet elegant style, we asked ourselves what would happen next. And if you don’t wear suits and blazers, what should you wear?

From there we developed our entire range of sport jackets, from the jungle jacket to the Faubourg, the latest for the summer. An over shirt to cover you lightly during long summer evenings!

We still have lots of ideas, we continue to (re)discover the men’s wardrobe throughout the history of the 20th century. And we will have new surprises for you!