To recognize a beautiful pants


Quality of the material, quality of the cut, quality of the details

In the previous article, we presented you the differences between the cuts. Here, place to the finesse and details, what makes the beauty of a beautiful garment, bought by pleasure. Beyond the useful, ordinary and repetitive, Scavini Pants are an opportunity to experience luxurious pants, made with care.


Quality materials

The big ready-to-wear brands, in order to produce huge volumes available massively in all their stores, cannot afford to use very beautiful materials. The drapers for their suits only offer these high quality sheets, without artificial materials. The drapers start with the raw material, cotton, wool or silk and work them with delicacy. These are noble fabrics that are extremely rare to find in ready-to-wear.



At Scavini Pants, we know what it means to make a beautiful collection. And it all starts with the selection of fabrics, from the greatest European clothiers only! Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Caccioppoli in Italy, Hardy-Minnis or Brisbane Moss in the UK.


We make it a point of honor to select only sheets used by the measuring workshop. Only sheets made in Europe! There is no reason to do less well in ready-to-wear than in made-to-measure.


In winter, soft flannels with cashmere are waiting for you and in summer some precious blends including silk are an aesthete’s delight. Buying a Scavini Pant is the assurance of buying a product of superior quality, out of the ordinary. A luxury at a relatively affordable price.


Other details

In addition to this precision on the materials, our pants benefit from beautiful finishes. In front of the clasp, we do not put a metal claw, but a system of three buttons to the best Italian standard. The placket that extends a little in the point allows a better maintenance of the line of the fly. The pants will never look slouchy.


A small barb holder also allows in front, to hold the belt in place. Learn more here. At the back, the belt is not completely sewn. This V of ease because it is called so gives flexibility. Finally, when possible and when we are sure it will hold up in the washing machine, we finish with small delicate stitches at the edge of the pockets rather than a big sewing machine stitch.