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Discover the quality of scavini trousers, and take your first steps in our universe.

Welcome to Scavini and welcome to our guides!

Here, finesse and details are the key to the beauty of a beautiful garment, bought with pleasure. Beyond the useful, ordinary and repetitive, Scavini Trousers are an opportunity to experience luxurious trousers, made with care.



Quality fabrics

The big ready-to-wear brands, in order to produce huge volumes available in all their shops, cannot afford to use very beautiful fabrics. Only clothmakers offer these high-quality fabrics to tailors, without any artificial materials. They start with the raw material : cotton, wool or silk, and work them with finesse. Those noble fabrics that are extremely rare to find in ready-to-wear clothing.

At Scavini, we know what it means to make a beautiful collection. And it all starts with the choice of fabrics, only from the best European clothmakers! Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Caccioppoli in Italy, Hardy-Minnis or Brisbane Moss in the UK.


Seasonal fabrics, to bring together comfort and refinement

In winter, soft flannels with cashmere will keep you warm and cosy. We also offer moleskin and velvet trousers, winter variants of the timeless chinos.

For summer, a few precious blends including silk are an aesthete’s delight. Of course, this season is all about linen, high-twist wools and light cottons. What a pleasure it is to enjoy the cool breeze by the sea in style!

Throughout the year, we also offer medium-weight cotton chinos in all our cuts. Versatility at its best!


Other sartorial details

In addition to the fine materials, our trousers are beautifully finished. At the front, we don’t use a metal clasp, but a three-button system of the highest Italian standard. The placket, which extends slightly into a point, allows a better maintenance of the fly line. The trousers will never look slouchy.

A small belt loop at the front also helps to keep the buckle in place. At the back, the waistband is not completely sewn in. This “dinner split”, as it is called, gives flexibility. Finally, when possible and when we are sure it will hold up in the washing machine, we finish with small delicate stitches at the edge of the pockets rather than a big sewing machine stitch.

Buying a pair of Scavini trousers means buying a top quality product that is out of the ordinary. Luxury at a relatively affordable price.

Frequently asked questions

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