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Fishtail / Moleskine



The fishtail cut is characterized by its long upstretches in the back for the inevitable straps. Rediscover the old aesthetic of peasant and worker pants.

We designed this Fishtail in moleskin, the material par excellence of the worker and peasant world for its robustness and comfort.

Read the article about Moleskin written by Julien Scavini.

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Moleskin is a cousin of corduroy. They are two ancestral fabrics, generally in cotton, thick and dense, for rustic use. Moleskin is typical of the 19th-century worker and farmer wardrobe. Solid and warm, it has a suede finish on the outside very similar to calf suede or nubuck. We speak of a chamois surface. It is in a way a cotton flannel. This effect is achieved by special weaving and finishing looms, whose abrasive rollers brush the surface of the fabric. A light fuzz is formed, giving it that soft, smooth feel. This makes moleskin the ideal winter fabric, perfectly matching tweed for example. This great material is however not well known and you have to go to traditional British brands to find clothes cut into it.

The moleskin pants have a fall like no other, thanks to their high weight and density. The initial slight cardboard effect disappears quickly. Moleskin does not distort much and acquires a happy suppleness with time. The pleasure of a fabric made to last and be loved.

  • Moleskin
  • 100% Cotton
  • 410 g/m
  • United Kingdom
Moleskine Scavini

Portuguese Atelier

Location: Portugal / Porto region

The manufacturing of complex models not being possible with our former provider in Romania, we looked for a workshop in Portugal to develop our Gurkha and Fishtail models. This small artisanal structure founded and directed by a Franco-Portuguese textile baron gave us carte blanche to design qualitative and challenging products, with small series.

The thirty or so seamstresses of this workshop perform wonderfully and for us, it is a real pleasure to be flexible and reactive. This relative proximity allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while producing locally.


Cotton is not afraid of water, so these pants are designed to be machine washable, but to avoid shrinkage of the material, do not use programs that are too hot (above 30°) with too strong spinning (1000 turns and more), prefer gentler programs that respect the garment. Don’t use a dryer if you don’t want to end up with shorts!

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