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Fishtail / Whipcord




The fishtail cut is characterized by its long upstretches in the back for the inevitable straps. Find the old aesthetic of peasant and worker pants.

For this winter, we chose this whipcord with green highlights, a wool with a solid and heavy weave. Enough to make the pants fall perfectly. This material from the equestrian wardrobe pays tribute to the original utilitarian aspect of Fishtail Trousers.

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The art of weaving is the result of thousands of years of research on the interweaving of threads of fabric. With the same threads, depending on their interweaving, it is possible to obtain light and airy fabrics, or on the contrary strong and durable. In the 19th century, complex twills were invented for the realization of riding breeches and other strong work clothes. These complex twills form a large family where we find the whipcords, the cavalry twill, the bedford cord, the tricotines, and the barathea. The first two are the best known.

The whipcord can be recognized by its diagonal strings. The yarn dyeing gives a particular mottled look to the surface of the fabric, an exquisite depth of color. The cavalry twill is slightly different, with less expressive diagonal ribs and especially a piece of dyeing giving a homogeneous color to the surface of the cloth. These are solid fabrics full of character, perfect for spending the winter in the warmth and cycling without too much fear of a crotch tear. A piece of fabric is as comfortable in the city as in the country.

  • Heavy Wool Twill
  • 100% Wool
  • 440 g/m
  • Italy

A Portuguese Workshop

Location: Portugal / Porto region

The manufacturing of complex models not being possible with our former provider in Romania, we looked for a workshop in Portugal to develop our Gurkha and Fishtail models. This small artisanal structure founded and directed by a Franco-Portuguese textile baron gave us carte blanche to design qualitative and challenging products, with small series.

The thirty or so seamstresses of this workshop perform wonderfully and for us, it is a real pleasure to be flexible and reactive. This relative proximity allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while producing locally.


Dry cleaning is highly recommended for wool trousers. However, it should not be done often: only once a year, or even less! A simple steam ironing at home or at the dry cleaner’s is enough in most cases to remove odors, and bacteria and to make the trousers look good again.

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