Gurkha Pants in High-twist Wool and Linen

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Gurkha Pants in High-twist Wool and Linen are a must-have for men. Available in two colors, green and brown, they offer a stylish and elegant look.

The wool-linen blend achieves the best of both fabrics. The wool ensures a clean and wrinkle-free drape, while the linen brings its texture and absorbent properties. Weighing 240 grams, this lightweight fabric from Drapers Italy is the perfect companion for summer days.

The pants feature a comfortable cut at the thighs and a slim fit at the bottom, adding a modern touch that enhances the silhouette. The Gurkha pants feature a unique cut, somewhere between our classic S2 model and our S3 one-pleat model. The original waistband is a natural style statement!

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High-twist Wool and Linen blend

The art of blending is akin to culinary mastery. Renowned drapers and tailors excel in creating captivating combinations of materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and of exceptional quality. For the summer season, they offer a delightful union of cold wool and pure linen. This harmonious pairing brings together the best of both worlds, harnessing unique qualities from each fabric.

The wool imparts a refined and flowing appearance, with a subtle tendency to develop gentle wrinkles. On the other hand, linen effortlessly absorbs perspiration, swiftly releasing it into the air. Its distinctive texture and charming mottled appearance exude a delightful summery vibe. The fusion of these two materials results in an invaluable fabric that showcases unrivaled beauty, almost silky in nature, lovingly crafted with expertise in the foothills of the Italian Alps.

  • 85% Laine Vierge 15% Lin
  • 240 gr
  • Italie


Drapers, drapier italien de renom, se distingue par ses tissus de style et de qualité, traités avec soin. Leur sélection variée satisfait tous les goûts, des basiques élégants aux pièces plus audacieuses.

Trimmings and details

A pair of trousers is not just fabric. It also includes a belt lining, pocket linings, and buttons. And they are all Italian!

The belt lining consists of three layered fabrics. The upper band is made of Oxford cotton, and the lower band is made of undyed ecru cotton, separated by an embroidered anti-slip piping by Scavini. The pocket linings are cut from the same undyed ecru cotton. The absence of dye is the best option from a hypoallergenic perspective. It also allows for a discreet appearance of the pocket linings behind the light-colored fabrics. The belt lining and pocket linings are pre-manufactured by the Italian company FVL, founded in 1990, ensuring ISO and GOTS-certified quality standards. FVL is particularly committed to sustainability and ethical and social protocols, with continuous control of production processes and a fast and efficient traceability system.

As for the buttons, we don’t go far either, still in the Veneto region. We chose to exclusively use corozo buttons, also known as vegetable ivory, which is natural and biodegradable. Corozo is the hard, white albumen found in the seed of a tropical American palm tree. Bottonificio Padano, established in 1982, aims for the elimination of chemical pollutants and the use of increasingly natural pigments. Since 1982, all water used in production, including dyeing and tumbling, is purified and reused in a “closed loop” system, without any discharge into the environment.

Les Intérieurs de Pantalons

Made in Italy

Our development is accompanied by a great awareness of quality, while favoring local production, we have directed our research in Italy during the year 2021. After many months, we found a small traditional workshop south of Naples that is a blessing.

Our genius craftsman created his workshop at the age of eighteen, in the year 2000. Before that, his parents had also had their own trouser workshop. His only limitations were the space and the recruitment of seamstresses. Apart from that, what finesse, everything is possible! With our new workshop, we develop our volumes and bring a great craft aesthetic. We can work in-depth on models and details, far from the large industrial platforms.

A close collaboration that allows us – it’s very nice – to go to Italy from time to time and come back with a head full of new ideas. The keywords of a Scavini pant are now refinement, craftsmanship & localism. A very luxurious pant, cut from Italian or English fabric. The equivalent of the models of great luxury brands.

  • Italy
Fabriqué en Italie

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