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S2 / Classic Cut – Linen Pants



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The Classic Linen Pants are an essential choice for the summer season. Made from fabric sourced from Tessuti di Sondrio, a renowned Italian drapery, these pants offer both style and elegance with their beautiful texture.

Linen is one of the most beloved materials for summer. It is a comfortable fiber to wear in hot weather, regulating body temperature and drying quickly.

Our classic cut is dedicated to men who are looking for timeless pants that fit naturally at the waist, just above the hips. The thigh is comfortable and allows a perfect fit. We have given it a modern twist by slimming down the bottom to make this classic cut in a real sartorial style.


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We choose linen from drapers for its quality and perfect weight. It is ideal for the warm seasons. This way the trousers fit well and have a long life. The more you wash the products, the softer and more comfortable they become. Linen is a fabric that ages well. Another advantage is that it dries quickly, making it very pleasant in summer.

  • 100% Linen
  • Italy

Tessuti di Sondrio

In August 1895, in Sondrio, a small town in the heart of the Italian Alps near the Swiss border, two Swiss families joined forces to produce cotton yarns. Thus was born the company Spelty, Keller &C.O. which registered its first trademark in 1897. This region of Valtellina with its water resources is ideal for the work of cotton fiber.

An Italian, Alberto Fossati, buy the factory and develops the industrial aspect. During the First World War, he produced a uniform cloth, the « MASSAUA BLEU 10 SANFOR » which, once patented, became a reference for high quality work clothes. By 1951, the factory was so large that it employed half of the entire province’s workforce. In 1975, Fossati was nationalized and passed from hand to hand, first Tescon, then Lanerossi (Eni Group).

Finally in the 2000s, the Marzotto group reorganized the plant and created the brand: Tessuti di Sondrio. In order to become more competitive, it invests heavily in the weaving and finishing processes. At the same time, it strengthens its presence in the local economy, an objective dear to all Italian weavers.

  • Italie

Trimmings and details

A pair of trousers is not just fabric. It also includes a belt lining, pocket linings, and buttons. And they are all Italian!

The belt lining consists of three layered fabrics. The upper band is made of Oxford cotton, and the lower band is made of undyed ecru cotton, separated by an embroidered anti-slip piping by Scavini. The pocket linings are cut from the same undyed ecru cotton. The absence of dye is the best option from a hypoallergenic perspective. It also allows for a discreet appearance of the pocket linings behind the light-colored fabrics. The belt lining and pocket linings are pre-manufactured by the Italian company FVL, founded in 1990, ensuring ISO and GOTS-certified quality standards. FVL is particularly committed to sustainability and ethical and social protocols, with continuous control of production processes and a fast and efficient traceability system.

As for the buttons, we don’t go far either, still in the Veneto region. We chose to exclusively use corozo buttons, also known as vegetable ivory, which is natural and biodegradable. Corozo is the hard, white albumen found in the seed of a tropical American palm tree. Bottonificio Padano, established in 1982, aims for the elimination of chemical pollutants and the use of increasingly natural pigments. Since 1982, all water used in production, including dyeing and tumbling, is purified and reused in a “closed loop” system, without any discharge into the environment.

Les Intérieurs de Pantalons

Fabriqué en Portugal

La fabrication de modèles complexes n’étant pas possible auprès de notre ancien prestataire en Roumanie, nous avons recherché un atelier au Portugal pour développer nos modèles.

Cette petite structure artisanale fondée et dirigée par un baron du textile franco-portugais nous a donné carte blanche pour concevoir des produits qualitatifs et exigeants, avec des petites séries. La trentaine de couturières de cet atelier font des merveilles et pour nous, c’est un véritable bonheur de souplesse et de réactivité. Cette relative proximité nous permet de réduire notre empreinte carbone tout en produisant localement.

  • Portugal

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