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The Classic Linen Pants are an essential choice for the summer season. Made from fabric sourced from Tessuti di Sondrio, a renowned Italian drapery, these pants offer both style and elegance with their beautiful texture. Linen is one of the most beloved materials for summer. It is a comfortable fiber to wear in hot weather, regulating body temperature and drying quickly.

• Draper: Di Sondrio
• Material: 100% linen
• Fabric weight: 300 gr/sq meter
• Made in: Italy
• Collection: Spring / Summer 2024

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S2: The Classic Cut

The classic cut has been proposed since the beginning of the house. After a few adjustments at the beginning of its career, it has remained unchanged ever since.
It is dedicated to men who are looking for trousers that will remain current for a long time, and for whom quality is found in the subtle details. It is contemporary, without falling into extremes. It is sartorial, without being showy.
It is worn at the natural waist, above the hips. The thigh is comfortable and the fullness of the leg allows a perfect fit. However, with a modern twist, we’ve made the bottom a little thinner.
Natural waist – Straight leg with slimmed down hem


We have selected this beautiful, lightweight linen from Tessuti di Sondrio, an Italian fabric maker. The wrinkled texture is as elegant as a hand-troweled finish. And the more you wash your linen pants, the softer, more supple and comfortable they become. Linen is a fabric that ages well. It has another advantage, it dries very quickly, which makes it very pleasant to wear in the summer.

Di Sondrio

In August 1895, in Sondrio, a small town in the heart of the Italian Alps near the Swiss border, two Swiss families joined forces to produce cotton yarns. Thus was born the company Spelty, Keller &C.O. which registered its first trademark in 1897. This region of Valtellina with its water resources is ideal for the work of the cotton fiber. An Italian, Alberto Fossati, buys the factory and develops the industrial aspect. During the First World War, he produced a uniform cloth, the « MASSAUA BLEU 10 SANFOR » which, once patented, became a reference for high quality work clothes. By 1951, the factory was so large that it employed half of the entire province’s workforce. In 1975, Fossati was nationalized and passed from hand to hand, first Tescon, then Lanerossi (Eni Group). Finally in the 2000s, the Marzotto group reorganized the plant and created the brand: Tessuti di Sondrio. In order to become more competitive, it invests heavily in the weaving and finishing processes. At the same time, it strengthens its presence in the local economy, an objective dear to all Italian weavers.


Linen is not afraid of water, so these products are designed to be machine washable, but to avoid shrinkage of the material, do not use programs that are too hot (above 30°) with too strong spinning (1000 turns and more), prefer gentler programs that respect the garment. Don’t use a dryer if you don’t want to end up with shorts!

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