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Find your trouser size

With the help of this guide, you'll be able to choose the right trouser size when ordering online. It's always better when you manage to get it right on the first time !

We strongly recommend that you read this guide carefully before looking at the measurement chart or sending us a message.


Fit is the most important thing when it comes to being elegant!

Buy too small and you will be tight. It is neither comfortable nor good looking. Also, a garment that is too tight wears out faster, especially in the crotch!
Buying too big is not much better either, the trousers will tend to fall down. It is always best to buy the right size. For this reason, we offer several cuts to suit different body types. Read more about the different cuts.

If you’re not sure which size or cut to buy, you can of course buy two sizes or two cuts of the same size and send back the pants which don’t fit. This is simple and effective. If the trousers don’t fit quite right, but a change of size seems too much, then it is possible to have alterations made. Read more about alterations.

It is not advisable to rely on the size of your other pairs of pants. Conversions are sometimes hazardous due to the frequent use of vanity sizing (the size on the label does not reflect the actual size of the garment).

The various methods for finding your trouser size


Measuring your own waist

Materials: A measuring tape


Measure your waistline between the top of your pelvic bones and your belly button.
Take the measurement on a shirt or t-shirt. It should be taken as close to the body as possible.
Tighten the measuring tape without exerting too much compression, but without loosening it too much either. You should try to mimic the tightness of the waistband of a pair of pants.
You will read a value in centimeters. Divide this measurement by two, and you get your French size!
If you are between two sizes, choose the size above!


If you find 88 centimetres, and you divide by two, you are a size 44.
If you find 89 (44,5 once divided), it is still size 44.
If you find 90 centimetres (45 when divided) then you go to the next size up (46).


Measuring one of your pants

Materials: A measuring tape


Choose a pair of suit or chino pants that you already own (dress trousers cut, not jeans).
Button up these pants and lay them flat.
Measure just below the waistband, from the left side to the right side.
The value in centimeters you find is your size!
If you are between sizes, choose the size above!


If you find 44 or 44.5 centimeters, you are a size 44.
If you find 45 then you go to the next size up (46).


Compare with your jeans

Material: None.


Jeans sizes are given in inches, not centimeters.
It is possible to find a match by adding 10, 11 or 12 to your waist size in inches.

Example and note: 

Be careful though, jeans often sit quite low and are not worn like our dressier trousers.
It is best to use this method to confirm the size you found with the other methods rather than on its own.
If you found a size 44 with either of the two previous methods, your usual jeans size is probably 34, 33 or 32.

Demonstration video with Julien Scavini

Other key factors


The way fabrics age

Cotton can be worn a little tightly, it is a material that loosens up very quickly once it is worn. A chino fits the wearer’s shape. After a while you will see that when you lay it flat on a bed, for example, it will form a large S shape.
Wool and precious blends, on the other hand, do not stretch very much. They should not be worn tightly, as they will wear out quicker. On the contrary, they should be given room to drape beautifully and allow the natural fluidity to express itself.

In any case, a good garment should hold. It should not be tight.


The weight / size algorithm

In the table below you will find a small algorithm in which you can indicate your weight and height. The result is purely statistical, and is therefore only indicative. It does not replace the steps described above! If you have any doubts or hesitations, it can help you in your choice.



Do you need help?

If you need help, we’re here! Please send us a message with our contact form or have a look at our help center.

In addition, the expert team of our Parisian boutique can help you choose your trouser size and cut!


You will find the size chart below.
The most important measurement is the waist circumference (A).The other measurements are proportional to it.
If you want a more or less snug fit, it is better to change your cut rather than your size. You should be the same size regardless of the cut!

Our recommandation
French size384042444648
US/UK size3031-3233353638
A - Belt39.0 cm15.4"41.0 cm16.1"43.0 cm16.9"45.0 cm17.7"47.0 cm18.5"49.0 cm19.3"
B - Pelvis49.5 cm19.5"51.5 cm20.3"53.5 cm21.1"55.5 cm21.9"57.5 cm22.6"59.5 cm23.4"
C - Thigh31.0 cm12.2"32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"
D - Knee24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"25.0 cm9.8"25.0 cm9.8"26.0 cm10.2"26.0 cm10.2"
E - Bottom21.0 cm8.3"21.0 cm8.3"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"
F - Crotch back34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"
G - Rear crotch51.0 cm20.1"51.0 cm20.1"52.0 cm20.5"52.0 cm20.5"53.0 cm20.9"53.0 cm20.9"
French size38404244464850
US/UK size3031-323335363839
A - Belt40.5 cm15.9"42.5 cm16.7"44.5 cm17.5"46.5 cm18.3"48.5 cm19.1"50.5 cm19.9"52.5 cm20.7"
B - Pelvis46.8 cm18.4"48.8 cm19.2"50.8 cm20.0"52.8 cm20.8"54.8 cm21.6"56.8 cm22.4"58.8 cm23.1"
C - Thigh31.0 cm12.2"32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"
D - Knee0.0 cm0.0"0.0 cm0.0"0.0 cm0.0"0.0 cm0.0"0.0 cm0.0"0.0 cm0.0"0.0 cm0.0"
E - Bottom24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"25.0 cm9.8"25.0 cm9.8"26.0 cm10.2"26.0 cm10.2"27.0 cm10.6"
F - Crotch back21.0 cm8.3"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"
G - Rear crotch36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"38.0 cm15.0"39.0 cm15.4"39.0 cm15.4"40.0 cm15.7"41.0 cm16.1"
French size384042444648
US/UK size3031-3233353638
A - Belt38.5 cm15.2"40.5 cm15.9"42.5 cm16.7"44.5 cm17.5"46.5 cm18.3"48.5 cm19.1"
B - Pelvis45.2 cm17.8"47.2 cm18.6"49.2 cm19.4"51.2 cm20.2"53.2 cm20.9"55.2 cm21.7"
C - Thigh31.0 cm12.2"32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"
D - Knee21.0 cm8.3"22.0 cm8.7"23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"
E - Bottom18.0 cm7.1"18.0 cm7.1"19.0 cm7.5"19.0 cm7.5"20.0 cm7.9"20.0 cm7.9"
F - Crotch back23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"25.0 cm9.8"25.0 cm9.8"
G - Rear crotch34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"38.0 cm15.0"
French size384042444648
US/UK size3031-3233353638
A - Belt38.5 cm15.2"40.5 cm15.9"42.5 cm16.7"44.5 cm17.5"46.5 cm18.3"48.5 cm19.1"
B - Pelvis49.0 cm19.3"51.0 cm20.1"53.0 cm20.9"55.0 cm21.7"57.0 cm22.4"59.0 cm23.2"
C - Thigh31.0 cm12.2"32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"
D - Knee19.0 cm7.5"20.0 cm7.9"21.0 cm8.3"21.0 cm8.3"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"
E - Bottom17.0 cm6.7"18.0 cm7.1"18.0 cm7.1"19.0 cm7.5"19.0 cm7.5"19.0 cm7.5"
F - Crotch back22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"
G - Rear crotch35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"37.0 cm14.6"38.0 cm15.0"39.0 cm15.4"
French size3840424446
US/UK size3031-32333536
A - Belt39.0 cm15.4"41.0 cm16.1"43.0 cm16.9"45.0 cm17.7"53.0 cm20.9"
B - Pelvis46.0 cm18.1"47.5 cm18.7"49.5 cm19.5"51.5 cm20.3"53.5 cm21.1"
C - Thigh30.0 cm11.8"31.0 cm12.2"32.0 cm12.6"32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"
D - Knee23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"24.0 cm9.4"24.0 cm9.4"25.0 cm9.8"
E - Bottom18.0 cm7.1"19.0 cm7.5"19.0 cm7.5"20.0 cm7.9"20.0 cm7.9"
F - Crotch back22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"
G - Rear crotch40.0 cm15.7"41.0 cm16.1"41.0 cm16.1"41.0 cm16.1"42.0 cm16.5"
French size38404244464850
US/UK size3031-323335363839
A - Belt39.0 cm15.4"41.0 cm16.1"43.0 cm16.9"45.0 cm17.7"47.0 cm18.5"49.0 cm19.3"51.0 cm20.1"
B - Pelvis46.0 cm18.1"48.0 cm18.9"50.0 cm19.7"52.0 cm20.5"54.0 cm21.3"56.0 cm22.0"58.0 cm22.8"
C - Thigh31.0 cm12.2"32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"
D - Knee20.0 cm7.9"21.0 cm8.3"21.0 cm8.3"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"23.0 cm9.1"
E - Bottom16.0 cm6.3"17.0 cm6.7"17.0 cm6.7"18.0 cm7.1"18.0 cm7.1"18.0 cm7.1"19.0 cm7.5"
F - Crotch back19.0 cm7.5"20.0 cm7.9"20.0 cm7.9"21.0 cm8.3"21.0 cm8.3"22.0 cm8.7"22.0 cm8.7"
G - Rear crotch35.0 cm13.8"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"38.0 cm15.0"39.0 cm15.4"39.0 cm15.4"
French size384042444648
US/UK size3031-3233353638
A - Belt38.5 cm15.2"40.5 cm15.9"42.5 cm16.7"44.5 cm17.5"46.5 cm18.3"48.5 cm19.1"
B - Pelvis48.5 cm19.1"50.5 cm19.9"52.5 cm20.7"54.5 cm21.5"56.5 cm22.2"58.5 cm23.0"
C - Thigh32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"37.0 cm14.6"
D - Knee22.0 cm8.7"23.0 cm9.1"23.0 cm9.1"24.0 cm9.4"25.0 cm9.8"25.0 cm9.8"
E - Bottom18.0 cm7.1"19.0 cm7.5"19.0 cm7.5"19.0 cm7.5"20.0 cm7.9"20.0 cm7.9"
F - Crotch back25.0 cm9.8"25.0 cm9.8"26.0 cm10.2"26.0 cm10.2"27.0 cm10.6"27.0 cm10.6"
G - Rear crotch32.0 cm12.6"33.0 cm13.0"33.0 cm13.0"34.0 cm13.4"35.0 cm13.8"36.0 cm14.2"


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