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Fit Cut – Herringbone wool and cashmere



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Like every winter, we wanted to offer you a sheet from Loro Piana. Our choice fell on this discreet cashmere herringbone which gives it beautiful reflections. Both modern by the cut and classic by the fabric, these pants will find a place of choice in your wardrobe. Our fit-cut pants are neither tight nor too classic which is ideal for slimming your figure and is worn at the natural waist, on the top of the hips. Thighs and calves are close to the body without compromising comfort. A perfect sartorial choice for men.

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Wool and Cashmere Herringbone

For the choice of the wool, the “top dye” process allows to obtain this unique effect of thread to thread, which gives a lot of relief to the trousers. The weight will allow you to differentiate if it is adapted to summer or winter. -> see summer/winter how to turn it

  • Herringbone Tweed
  • 96% Virgin Wool 3% Cashmere 1% Lycra
  • 270 g/m
  • Italy

Loro Piana

Loro Piana fabrics are among the most beautiful in the world. And the most expensive. We are very happy to be able to weave a few pieces there to cut luxury trousers.

Originally from Trivero, the Loro Piana family started trading in wool in the early 19th century, before opening their own spinning mills around the town of Quarona. In the 1960s, the founder’s grandson, Franco Loro Piana, began exporting his high-quality fabrics outside Europe to America and Japan. At a time when the modern textile world is only interested in plastic and new oil-based fibres, the Loro Piana family is committed to beauty. This spirit of going against the grain of the “Trente Glorieuses” was successful for the century-old company. It concentrated on extra-fine wools, the famous super 100’s that appeared, and on cashmeres. And saves the Vigogne chain. In 1980, clothing boutiques were opened, completing the vertical integration of the group, from sheep to clothing. In 2013, the French group LVMH bought the majority of Loro Piana to continue the development of the brand and the search for the most noble fibres.

Always in search of the most luxurious and rare fibres, their cashmere blend is a marvel for winter. An exclusive quality of tailors that is rare in ready-to-wear, and yet we present it to you.


A pair of trousers is not just fabric. It’s also a belt lining and pocket lining. And buttons. All Italian.
The waistband lining is made up of three superimposed fabrics. The top band is made of 100% cotton sky blue oxford, the bottom band is made of 100% cotton unbleached and un-dyed twill, both separated by a white viscose poplin anti-slip piping with Scavini embroidery. White topstitching reinforces the assembly. The pocket bottoms are cut from the same unbleached and undyed 100% cotton twill. The absence of dye is the best option from a hypoallergenic point of view. It also allows for relative discretion of the pocket bottoms behind light coloured fabrics.
The waistband lining and the pocket bottoms are prefabricated by the Italian company FVL created in 1990, guaranteeing ISO and GOTS certified quality standards. FVL is particularly involved in the subject of sustainability and ethical and social protocols, with continuous control of the production process and a fast and efficient traceability system.
Finally, for buttons, we don’t go far either, always in Veneto. At Bottonificio Padano, established in 1982. We have chosen to use exclusively corozo, called vegetable ivory, which is natural and biodegradable. In fact, the hard, white, horny albumen of the seed of a tropical American palm tree. Bottonificio Padano aims to eliminate chemical pollutants and use increasingly natural pigments. Since 1982, all the water used in production, including that used for dyeing and tumbling, is purified and reused, in a “closed cycle”, without any discharge into the external environment.

Made in Italy

Since 2022, we have chosen to bring our production closer together. We work with a small Italian workshop located near Naples, in Campania.

A family business born in the 1950s, the workshop specialized in the production of pants.
Today, two brothers are at the head of the workshop and have only one idea in mind: always more quality!

Salerno Italie


Dry cleaning is highly recommended for wool trousers. However, it should not be done often: only once a year, or even less! A simple steam ironing at home or at the dry cleaner’s is enough in most cases to remove odours, bacteria and to make the trousers look good again.

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