How to know your size


Fit is the most important thing when it comes to being elegant!

Nothing will look good if you buy too small. You will be tight, which is uncomfortable and unattractive. Plus, a garment that’s too tight wears out faster, especially pants that will rip at the crotch. Buying too big is not much better either, especially as the pants will tend to fall down.
It’s always best to buy the right size. We offer several cuts to fit different body types.

If you are not sure which size or cut to buy, you can of course buy two sizes or two cuts of the same size and send back the pants that don’t fit. It’s simple and effective. And if it’s almost good, that you only need to improve one small point, an alteration tailor can take care of it. In our alterations guide, we help you make your Scavini Pants more than perfect!

French sizes:

Knowing your french trouser size could not be easier. Find a measuring tape in your belongings. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one at the haberdashery or stationery/craft department of your supermarket. This is a good investment for all online purchases.
Measure your hip circumference where the pants should sit. That’s just above the hips and under the belly button. Beware that some low-rise jeans sit very low, so this is not the appropriate height. Instead, think of a classic pair of trousers, such as suit slacks or even a pair of chinos.
Take the measurement on your shirt or t-shirt. The measurement should be taken as close to the body as possible. Tighten the measuring tape without excessive compression, but not too loosely either. You must try to mimic the tightness of your pants’ waistband. You will read a value in centimeters. Divide this measurement by two. That’s it. It’s very simple.
For exemple, if you find 88 centimeters, and divide by two, you are a size 44. If you find 89cm, it’s still 44. If you find 90cm, which is 45, then take a 46. I’m pretty sure it will fit. If not, an alteration tailor will be able to tighten the waistband with a single stroke of his sewing machine.


Compare with his other pants

To be sure, you can also compare this measurement with your own pants. Now that you have a measuring tape, take a pair of suit slacks or chinos that you own. Button up the pant of your choice and lay it flat. Measure it just below the waistband, from the left side to the right side.
You should find something close to the French size you found earlier.
Beware that it might be confusing, because the label on your own pants might be different from what you’re measuring. Some brands cheat on labels. A measure of 46 centimeters can often be labelled as a size 44, because some people will refuse to buy a size they deem too large. If that might be your case, the size on the label is irrelevant. What’s important is that the pants fit you well.


Compare with your jeans

Jeans sizes are given in inches, not centimeters. But it is possible to find a your size by adding 10 or 11. If your jeans are a size 29 or 30, add 11 or 10 and you get a French size 40. Beware, however, that jeans are often quite low cut and are not worn like our dressier trousers which are higher waisted.


Important note concerning fabrics

Cotton can be worn a little tight when new, as it is a fabric that loosens up quickly when worn, up to a certain point. A pair of chinos moulds to the wearer’s shape. After a while you will see that when you lay it flat on a bed, for example, it will form a slight S shape.
Wool and luxurious blends, on the other hand, do not distort so much. They should not be worn tightly, as they will wear out faster. On the contrary, they should be given room to drape beautifully and let their natural fluidity express itself.


In any case, a good garment must hold. It should not be tight.