Guillaume Kerner


Can you introduce yourself?

Guillaume Kerner, I’m 55 years old and spent 42 years practicing Muay Thai.

Besides my champion titles, I’ve gained recognition by being the only one to compete in this sport with famous Thai champions at a time when it never happened.


I’ve read that your interest in Muay Thai came through clothing, especially the outfit worn by fighters. Could you share this experience and explain how it lead you to do this sport?

I was already practicing martial arts when I was 13. On the cover of a magazine I came to see a boxer with bare feet wearing shorts like I had never seen before. The fit was wide and with almost a knee length. It was embroidered with letters from another world and shiny bright colors. I perceived it to be something from a superhero outfit. All these details made me curious and I tried to find which combat sport this was from. That’s how in 1981 I discovered Muay Thai (Thai Box), an ultra-violent sport which recently developed in France.


What’s the most important landmark from your career? 

It’s my world championship which took place December 5th 1995 in Bangkok, on the day of the Thai King’s birthday. His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX was worshipped like a living God by his people. There were more than 100 000 viewers on TV and the fight was transmitted live. Win this title was the most prestigious event of the year in Thailand. The best Thai champions were fighting against the best foreign fighters. It was my biggest dream since I started and the dream for which I made a lot of huge sacrifices. And it was finally coming true.

Has your style evolved through the years along your career in Thai box? 

When I was fortunate to by named Champion of the year by the specialized press, I was invited to receive a golden katana (Japanese saber) from the great fashion designer Paco Rabanne in the Bercy arena full of people.

I was then 19 and for the occasion I remember precisely the outfit I chose to wear : a white Burberry shirt with blue stripes, a blue blazer, a grey pair of trousers with pleats and black shoes.

Now 36 years later I would choose exactly the same outfit for a big occasion.

In a nutshell I’ve always liked a certain classicism in my outfits but now I tend to wear more colors.


Has living in Thailand had an impact on your aesthetic or style?

Living in Thailand mostly made me get to know bespoke clothing as there are a lot of Indian shops in Bangkok offering bespoke tailoring.

As I was living in this country since I was 17 – very young – I got accustomed to choosing my own fabrics (often linen), getting my measurements taken and then coming back a few days later for the fitting.


How would you describe the way you dress in general? Do you have key items that you often wear or buy?

I dress this way: first – the day before – I check the weather. Then based on the temperature I choose the material but not only. Based on the light I also choose the colors I’m going to wear.

For example if it’s a day with dull light I will choose to bring some joy into my outfits with colors such as yellow, red, purple.

If the light is bright then I will opt for pastel tones.

My favorite pieces for winter are: the turtleneck, the leather flight jacket with fur lining, a sheepskin-lined jacket, a Trench coat, a Stetson hat and Chelsea boots.

For summer: a shirt (most often with long sleeves), a blazer (made of linen or cotton), a polo sweater (most often with short sleeves), bermuda shorts, loafers, sneakers (made of canvas with light tones).

For mid-season: a polo sweater with long sleeves made from blend wool, a shirt with a waistcoat, a perfecto jacket or flight jacket without fur lining, a suede jacket, derby shoes, Chelsea bots, and Richelieus.

Is there something that you particularly like with Scavini clothes?

Naturally I enjoy Scavini’s Trousers (mostly the S4 and S3). But also the polo sweaters, cardigans, safari jackets.

I’d also like to make on or two bespoke suits and a tweed jacket.


Do you have style advice you would like to share? 

If I were to give style advice it would be to dare to wear bright colors. And if you lack audacity then start with socks.


Any last word?

My last word is the following:

Professionally I wouldn’t enjoy having associates I wouldn’t enjoy a meal with.

Clothing-wise I wouldn’t like to wear an outfit that would prevent me from catching a bus with the engine starting.


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