Understanding alterations

There is no such thing as good clothes without good alterations

Of course, it’s possible to have a perfect body and for our pants to fit right the first time. That’s lucky. But sometimes, a little something well sewn up allows us to be totally comfortable. Maybe it’s the waistband, to gain a bit of ease or to get a good fit. It can be a thigh to tighten a little to avoid any floating. Finally, it could be a stocking to be made thinner to be totally in phase with the times.

This little guide is made for you to see more clearly.

At every street corner, in many cities, alterers and seamstresses offer their services to improve the clothes bought in ready-to-wear. You should trust them, especially since it is never that expensive. A beautiful garment can not do without their services.

The alteration service of the site

We want to offer a very good product and to satisfy you completely and correspond to the greatest number, our pants are not finished downstairs in the workshop. It is more qualitative than the pants sold already finished. Scavini Pants are very long and unfinished. Very tall men can buy our models without difficulty.