S3 Single Pleat Trousers


Medium Grey


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Highly appreciated for its unmatched warmth, comfort, and versatility, flannel is a must-have for the chilly seasons. Medium gray pants effortlessly complements any outfit, making it a perfect foundational piece for your wardrobe.

• Mill : Marling & Evans (United Kingdom)
• Composition : 100% Virgin Wool
• Fabric Weight: 380 g/m
• Manufacturing : Italy
• Collection : Fall / Winter 2023

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S3: The One-Pleat Cut

With the success of our two historical cuts, some gentlemen asked us for a more classic cut, with a more pronounced tailored look. It is to meet these expectations that we developed the one-pleat cut!
It is the most classic and comfortable of our cuts. It has the highest waistline and an outward facing pleat.
An old-school look full of panache with an extended placket, side adjusters and little twists in the style. It is ideal for men who love Pitti Uomo and Italian sartorial elegance.
The trousers of this cut are made in Italy, in a family workshop near Naples.
High waist – Comfortable leg – Italian extended waistband – Ideal for men looking for a sartorial style


Few fabrics carry as much value and emotion as flannel, with its typically British softness. The French word “flanelle” is ancient, coming from the English flannel, borrowed from the Welsh “gwlanen”. Technically, it is a fabric whose plain weave is blurred by abrasion of its surface, revealing a light fluffy cover. In the 19th century, flannel was opposed to the much denser worsted twill and other gabardines. Therefore, flannel was considered lighter and more breathable, and therefore a summer fabric, which is something to smile about nowadays.
As one should never confuse the material and the way of weaving, let us specify that the flannel is a way of weaving. And which can be made of various materials, even if it is generally made of wool, or wool & cashmere. We can also find cotton flannel, in fact quite similar to moleskin.
Our elders generally hate flannel. They have the memory of a material that scratched their thighs terribly as little boys that their mothers wanted to see well wrapped up. The wool manufacturers have reacted vigorously to not let themselves be affected by artificial materials. No more scratchy wool, hello softness, and flexibility. The flannel pants obviously continue to be the alpha and omega of any self-respecting closet!

  • 100% virgin wool

Marling & Evans

Marling & Evans is one of the oldest operating weaving mills in Huddersfield, the birthplace of fine British wool. Established in 1782, this mill has stood the test of time, enabling 21st-century men to wear garments cut from fabrics with an incredible heritage. Marling & Evans was once a supplier to Rolls-Royce, whose luxury cars were trimmed in a creamy, flannel-like felt. Today, the venerable clothmaker chooses to use exclusively English wool, naturally dyed and finished, with no chemical additives. It’s a pleasure for Scavini to be able to offer such fabrics. An English flannel that will delight lovers of fine garments. A heavier flannel than our previous productions, a sign of the attention we now pay to solidity. A fine pair of pants. In true English flannel.


Our development is accompanied by a great awareness of quality, while favoring local production, we have directed our research in Italy during the year 2021. After many months, we found a small traditional workshop south of Naples that is a blessing.

Our genius craftsman created his workshop at the age of eighteen, in the year 2000. Before that, his parents had also had their own trouser workshop. His only limitations were the space and the recruitment of seamstresses. Apart from that, what finesse, everything is possible! With our new workshop, we develop our volumes and bring a great craft aesthetic. We can work in-depth on models and details, far from the large industrial platforms.

A close collaboration that allows us – it’s very nice – to go to Italy from time to time and come back with a head full of new ideas. The keywords of a Scavini pant are now refinement, craftsmanship & localism. A very luxurious pant, cut from Italian or English fabric. The equivalent of the models of great luxury brands.

Fabriqué en Italie


Dry cleaning is highly recommended for wool product. However, it should not be done often: only once a year, or even less! A simple steam ironing at home or at the dry cleaner’s is enough in most cases to remove odours, bacteria and to make the trousers look good again.

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