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Cotton Wool Whipcord


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The Wool & Cotton Whipcord Trousers are a sturdy and timeless piece. Wool provides insulation and elegance, while cotton ensures comfort and durability.

• Mill : Subalpino (Italy)
• Composition : 70% Cotton ,27% Virgin Wool, 2% Nylon, 1% Elasthane
• Fabric Weight:
• Manufacturing : Italy
• Collection : Fall / Winter 2023

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The art of weaving is the result of thousands of years of research on the interweaving of threads of fabric. With the same threads, depending on their interweaving, it is possible to obtain light and airy fabrics, or on the contrary strong and durable. In the 19th century, complex twills were invented for the realization of riding breeches and other strong work clothes. These complex twills form a large family where we find the whipcords, the cavalry twill, the bedford cord, the tricotines, and the barathea. The first two are the best known. The whipcord can be recognized by its diagonal strings. The yarn dyeing gives a particular mottled look to the surface of the fabric, an exquisite depth of color. The cavalry twill is slightly different, with less expressive diagonal ribs and especially a piece of dyeing giving a homogeneous color to the surface of the cloth. These are solid fabrics full of character, perfect for spending the winter in the warmth and cycling without too much fear of a crotch tear. A fabric is as comfortable in the city as in the country.

  • 70% Cotton 27% Virgin wool 2%Nylon 1% Elastane


Lanificio Subalpino was founded in the 70s by a wool merchant from Biella. It’s still a small, family-run business based in the Italian Alps, developing fabrics with a strong emphasis on blends, notably cotton and wool.

It’s essential for a small brand like ours to draw on the know-how of other, human-scale companies, to grow hand in hand. At Subalpino, we found a kindness and attentiveness that are extremely rare in the sector. Thanks to the flexibility of their production facilities, we were able to develop beautiful wool and cotton chevrons, modern whipcords, as well as some very nice donegal tweed effects. A happy collaboration with a top-quality made-in-Italy clothmaker.

  • Italie

Les Intérieurs de Pantalons

Un pantalon, ce n’est pas seulement du tissu. C’est aussi une doublure de ceinture, des fonds de poches et des boutons. Et ils sont tous italiens !

La doublure de ceinture est composée de trois tissus superposés. La bande haute est un coton oxford bleu ciel et la bande basse écrue est en coton non-teinté, les deux étant séparées par un passepoil anti-glissoire brodé Scavini. Les fonds de poches sont coupés dans le même coton écru non-teinté. L’absence de teinture est la meilleure des options du point de vue hypoallergénique. Elle permet aussi une relative discrétion des fonds de poches derrières les tissus clairs.
La doublure de ceinture et les fonds de poches sont préfabriqués par la société italienne FVL créée en 1990, garantissant des normes de qualité certifiés ISO et GOTS. FVL est particulièrement impliqué sur le sujet de la durabilité et des protocoles éthiques et sociaux, avec un contrôle continu des processus de production et un système de traçabilité rapide et efficace.

Enfin, pour les boutons, nous n’allons pas loin non plus, toujours en Vénétie. Chez Bottonificio Padano créé en 1982. Nous avons choisi d’utiliser exclusivement le corozo, appelé ivoire végétal, naturel et biodégradable. Il s’agit de l’albumen corné, dur et blanc, de la graine d’un palmier d’Amérique tropicale. Bottonificio Padano vise l’élimination des polluants chimiques et le recours à des pigments de plus en plus naturels. Depuis 1982, toute l’eau utilisée en production, y compris celle utilisée pour la teinture et le culbutage, est purifiée et réutilisée, dans le cadre d’un « cycle fermé », sans aucun rejet dans le milieu extérieur.

Les Intérieurs de Pantalons

Made in Itlay

Our development is accompanied by a great awareness of quality, while favoring local production, we have directed our research in Italy during the year 2021. After many months, we found a small traditional workshop south of Naples that is a blessing.

Our genius craftsman created his workshop at the age of eighteen, in the year 2000. Before that, his parents had also had their own trouser workshop. His only limitations were the space and the recruitment of seamstresses. Apart from that, what finesse, everything is possible! With our new workshop, we develop our volumes and bring a great craft aesthetic. We can work in-depth on models and details, far from the large industrial platforms.

A close collaboration that allows us – it’s very nice – to go to Italy from time to time and come back with a head full of new ideas. The keywords of a Scavini pant are now refinement, craftsmanship & localism. A very luxurious pant, cut from Italian or English fabric. The equivalent of the models of great luxury brands.

Fabriqué en Italie

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